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“Stress Management is not an Event, it is a Life-Long Process.”


Thoughts of Purpose, LLC is a private practice committed to assisting individuals on their journey to fulfillment and overall life satisfaction. Our goal is to help those who feel “stuck” in their day to day lives move beyond their current circumstances and strive for increased life satisfaction. T.O.P. LLC is committed to helping individuals identify and move beyond the barriers which may be impeding their education; employment, social/romantic relationships or simply a strong since of self. Our goal is not to tell you how to live your life but instead assist you with identifying and working towards your desired outcome.

Is this You?

Are you feeling stuck in your day to day life?

Are you feeling dissatisfaction in your marriage or relationship?

Does your current job feel mundane?

Do you experience anxiety at the thought of Monday morning approaching?

Are your finances not where you would like for them to be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. Congratulations on taking your first step!

The mission of T.O.P. LLC

is to help individuals, couples and families achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential.



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My name is Nia Grant, MA, LPC, CMFT, CAMS, DCC. I obtained my Master of Arts Degree from Argosy University, Atlanta in November, 2005. I received a Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy in August, 2007 and I became a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia in February 2009 and in North Carolina in December, 2011. I have 10 years post Master’s experience and over 6 years of experience post Licensure as a Professional Counselor.

I have provided individual, family and group counseling services to children, adolescents and adults with severe behavioral and emotional disturbances; those working towards recovery from alcohol and other illegal substances; survivors of abuse and neglect as well as adolescent male sex offenders and those with MR/IDD (Mental Retardation/Intellectually Developmentally Disabled).

My primary therapeutic approach is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model, which is based on the belief that our thoughts are directly connected to how we feel and behave, and that learning comes from experience. The initial concern in the therapeutic relationship is to assist the individual or family with identifying the distorted thought processes that prevents them from achieving a desired outcome; analyzing the behavior that is no longer working for them; identifying the problem, and developing a course of treatment. Counseling/Coaching typically includes but is not limited to open dialogue between the individual and counselor/coach.

The goal is to help the individual learn to identify and work through the antecedent (precipitating event); replace maladaptive behavior and identify potential consequences before acting. This is often done through journal-keeping, developing coping skills, cognitive reframing, and homework assignments between sessions to name a few. The CBT model can be short term as homework assignments and learning to challenge distorted thinking gives power to the individual and provides them with tools to overcome the barriers that prevent happiness and prohibit them from having the quality of life that they would like to have.

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